Month: April 2014

“Upon my arrival at the ranch I entered upon a life as new and strange to me as if I had stepped across the boundary of a foreign nation. The country itself was beautiful beyond the power of words to describe. Stretched before us was the magnificent valley that led Mr. Miller to choose this location above all others he had seen in Texas. It was a vivid green in tall, waving mesquite grass, a vast rolling prairie broken here and there with only an occasional old mesquite. Added to this was a vivid splash of wild flowers, spread like colored lace over the green. Mr. Miller and I would walk in the dusk at evening, gathering great armsful of these flowers with which we decorated our home.”
Mrs. Susan Miller
Sixty Years in the Nueces Valley

Long-billed Curlew

Long-billed Curlew on Nueces Bay
Oil on canvas
28″ x 42″
William B. Montgomery, 2014


Oil on canvas
36″ x 50″
William B Montgomery

Fish Story

Fish Story
Oil on canvas
William B. Montgomery 2013

(NOTE: NOT the Nueces but hopefully Bill will paint a Nueces version with the correct species)

Golden-cheeked Warblers

Golden-Cheeked Warblers in the canyon.

William B. Montgomery


Commissioned by the late Dr. Andrew Price, this painting is in a private collection.